A wobbly, a primitivist, and a syndicalist all live together in a collective house…

Tragically, the house catches fire and burns to the ground one day, killing two. Who survives?

…The wobbly, because he was at work.

Cracked.com Explains Anarchists

Cracked.com has an article up explaining anarchism. They take on Syndicalism, Primitivism, American Anarchists, Greek Anarchists, Mexican Anarchists, and Anarcho-Capitalists.

Read the full article on Cracked.com.

The Internet is Hard to Use

Sorry about the hiatus! We’re not out of jokes, we just stop posting them because we got caught up in some other stuff. Anyway, we’re back. Expect more lols.

Why did the primitivist move to America?

He heard there was no work here.