What is a peacenik’s favorite color?

Anything non-violet.

[Video] Scenes from the 2011 Manchester Riots

What do hackivists have in common with the black bloc?

They both hate windows

Hey Swamp Thing, how’d you spend your May Day?

Looks like he took part in a little “direct action” (click for larger):

IMF Resistance’s Poetic Response to the Haters


IMFresistance just released their newspaper (pdf) for the weekend of actions. In it you’ll find this sassy little poem:

We know we shouldn’t riot but it feels too good to stop

Even though Naomi tells us that it’s wrong to summit hop

From Bookchin down to Rebick, the same old glum refrain

Be sober and responsible, our struggle’s not a game

But in all our local projects we’ve yet to feel the joy

Of masking up and throwing down to make total destroy

A fl aming dumpster in the street’s a sight we thrill to see

Especially when hurtling toward five-O’s APC

Some might say we have a problem, but we can’t quite seem to care

When smoke from burning cop cars begins drifting through the air

A masked-up crowd, a teargas haze: to us a joyful frolic

But NEFAC keeps insisting that it’s all merely symbolic

There might be a 12 step program but we haven’t really looked

The sticky part for us would be admitting that we’re hooked

But if you’re a riot junkie too and need to get your kicks

Then come to DC in the spring – ‘cause we’ve got your next fix

Haters gonna hate.



How do you make a cop sound like a dog?

Pour gas and light a match. WOOF.

bark bark bark WOOF

How do you get a cop drop his riot stick?

Hit him with a dumpster!

Rolling dumpster

How do you make a cop cry?

Throw back the tear gas canister.

How does an anarchist change a lightbulb?

With a slingshot.