A wobbly, a primitivist, and a syndicalist all live together in a collective house…

Tragically, the house catches fire and burns to the ground one day, killing two. Who survives?

…The wobbly, because he was at work.

Speaking of selling out… I Was a Teenage Anarchist

Yesterday’s joke was about punks selling out, so this video seemed appropriate.

This song is a joke in its own way. Teenage Anarchist by Against Me!

Cracked.com Explains Anarchists

Cracked.com has an article up explaining anarchism. They take on Syndicalism, Primitivism, American Anarchists, Greek Anarchists, Mexican Anarchists, and Anarcho-Capitalists.

Read the full article on Cracked.com.

What’s the difference between a socialist and an anarchist?

A job.

What’s an anarchist joke?


What do you call an anarchist in a suit?

The defendant. (Thanks @talianarchy!)

SHAC 7 Defendents. Source: shac7.com

A red anarchist and a green anarchist are riding together in a car. Who’s driving?

A cop.

How do you say “Merry Christmas” in Greek? (Photo)

Why did the primitivist move to America?

He heard there was no work here.

DC Bank Smashed Up, Kick-ass Communique Follows

This past week in Washington DC, some anonymous group of radicals broke the windows of a PNC bank. Banks get attacked all the time, why is this one so interesting? Shortly after the action, a communique appeared on AnarchistNews.org.

Here is the communique as it appeared on Anarchist News Dot Org:

wearegoingtoberichDowntown DC, you aren’t safe

Late on the night of December 17th, gleeful, adventurous children fell upon a PNC Bank in downtown Washington, DC on 15th and L St NW, breaking the windows with a loud crack! pow! boom!
The message: Everybody knows, PNC bank, you fucked up.

Blah blah blah, gentrification, blah blah blah, imperialism, blah blah blah, bailout.