Greece, man. Greece.

No Skule May 1

May 1 this year is going to be epic. There are plenty of posters being passed around the internet. The best images definitely come from No Skule May 1, a tumbler page about a student walk out on May 1st.

Check the rest of these fuckers out.

An innovative company provides a new solution to the foreclosure crisis

Squat2Own is an creative new company that is shaking things up in Richmond, Virginia. Their innovative business model turns empty houses into livable spaces suitable for families or individuals. Check out their website to get in touch with an agent.

“Signs have been showing up on foreclosed properties around Richmond recently, advertising that the houses are available for free to anyone who needs a home. Though they look like ordinary real estate signs at first glance, they’re actually the work of “Squat 2 Own Realty”, a group of activists who are helping people take over vacant foreclosed houses without permission from the banks.”

Speaking of squats…

Where do anarchists exercise?

In Squats!

What did the nationalist anarchist call the neo-Nazi?



Personally, I don’t think “nationalist anarchist” even makes sense as a term. Nonetheless, there is a group in the Bay Area that claims this is their ideology (see National Anarchism on wikipedia). You have to significantly distort anarchism to think you can hold nationalist view in parallel with your anarchist principles. Anarchism seeks a stateless society, so nationalism becomes meaningless in that worldview. Similarly, I think “national socialism”–the Nazi propaganda term for their regime–is a misnomer. A core value of socialism and anarchism is challenging the nation-state model and its perverted ideology, nationalism.

To quote Ms Goldman,

“‘Patriotism, sir, is the last resort of scoundrels,’ said Dr. Samuel Johnson. Leo Tolstoy, the greatest anti-patriot of our time, defines patriotism as the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers; a trade that requires better equipment in the exercise of man-killing than the making of such necessities as shoes, clothing, and houses; a trade that guarantees better returns and greater glory than that of the honest workingman.”

What is a protester’s favorite sports team?

The Pittsburgh Irates

The arm chair radicals are at it again… (Photo)

Pot of Gold (photo)

Not Kosher, May Contain Pork (Photo)

While Tim Pool was live streaming yesterday’s OccupyWallStreet #N17 actions, one protester took the opportunity to re-purpose a sign from the dismantled kitchen and add his or her own caption to the video:

Generally, I don’t appreciate people insulting pigs by likening them to cops, but this is still pretty good.

Were all the other acts of vandalism aproved by the GA? (Photo)

Written on the window: “This act of vandalism was not approved by the GA”