We are the Riotjoke Collective, and in the coming months we will be publishing lots of jokes about anarchists, radicals, communists, crusties, punks, vegans, cops (fuck ‘em, right?), squatters, insurrectionists, primivists, syndicalists, ecologists, leftists, socialists, and other revolutionaries. Sometimes we radicals take ourselves too seriously. We need to step back and look at the funny things about our ourselves and our community. Punks don’t want to work, “red” anarchists don’t get along with “green” anarchists,  cops really suck, consensus organizing can be frustrating, vegans are picky about what they eat. To butcher a quote that is often (falsely) attributed to Emma Goldman, “If I can’t make jokes, I don’t want to be a part of your revolution.”

In the 1900′s the IWW took apart popular songs to disseminate radical ideas. We’re doing the same thing with lightbulb jokes. We will soon be publishing a joke book: There’s Nothing Funny About Revolution: 101 Revolutionary Jokes. Check back often for updates on our progress, as well as the occasional joke.

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