Why did the 9/11 conspiracy theorist quit her job?

Today’s joke was submitted by our of our rad readers, who we’re going to call Mr. X.

From X:

A lot of my radicals friends are 9/11 conspiracy wingnuts, so maybe this one is relevant?

Q: Why did the 9/11 conspiracy theorist quit her job?
A: She was always an outdoorsy kind of lady, but it was an inside job.


On a serious note, doesn’t it suck that conspiracy theory wingnuts always show up to radical rallies, marches, and at our meetings? Their simplistic worldview really undermines our serious, thoughtful analysis of American foreign policy. Sure, Bush and other American presidents are culpable for the attacks on September 11, but it’s unlikely they planned an American Reichstag. Years of Western imperialism in the Middle East, followed by American neo-colonialism and Western hegemony are what created 9/11. Or do you think the rest of the world hates us because we’re free?

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